Devin Cordell

None of the five Jefferson County Commissioners positions are currently contested in the general election. Only one (Sheila Tyson) faced a primary opponent. Going back to 2018, only one Commissioner faced a general election opponent. Most voters in Jefferson County have not had a true choice for their Commissioner since 2014. 8 years! Among all of the county races in this year’s general election, voters will only have a choice for Sheriff. All other races will have been determined for us in advance. In a well-functioning republic, this is unacceptable. 

Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for Jefferson County Commissioner for District 3. 

As your Commissioner, I will:

– Be transparent and accountable. For every vote I cast, I will make public my vote and the rationale for it. Technically, this information is accessible if you sit through commission meetings. In the age of social media this is not enough. I will present all of my votes to the public, for your awareness and feedback.  
– Hold government accountable. We’ve seen multiple instances of municipalities and local officials extorting and defrauding the public in which they were meant to be serving. Many cases in which the officials still remain in their positions. I will work to hold these officials accountable to the public and will work to root out this corruption and injustice where it still exists. 
– Involve communities in decisions that affect them. Too often we see decisions made that impact communities on the whims of Commissioners personal beliefs. If I am voting on a proposal that affects your community, I want to hear from you before making a decision. 

I will fight to:

 Increase efficiency and eliminate wasteful spending. 
– Never increase taxes and reduce them when possible.
– Cut zoning restrictions, allowing more families to afford housing and small businesses to thrive.
– Prevent Eminent Domain and Civil Asset Forfeiture
– Keep the government OUT of your life and business

On November 8th, vote Devin Cordell for Jefferson County Commissioner for District 3.